TradeRight Merchant Software Simplistically Powerful


Integrated software for the specialist merchant, operate your business the way you want.

Specialist Merchant Software

Traderight is a combination of 100’s of integrated software programs, easily customised by you so that your business can operate the way you want.

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The ideal choice for a startup business, designed to be scaled up when the time is right.

Slimmed down version of TradeRight

Designed for young companies TradeLight is a software system that can be scaled up when the time is right. Scaling up is simple with no data loss.

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Coming Soon! The ideal mobile software solution for the general merchant.


Designed for smart phones and tablets, TradeOnAir is the ideal mobile software solution for the specialist merchant.

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Succeeding in Business

Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future: it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. TradeRight provides you with forecasting methods to both leverage future sales and increase margins and reduce operating costs. While the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual it is best for the enterprise. It ensures the survival of the fittest in every facet of the business. TradeRight not only educates the user but motivates them to achieve.

Our experience and expertise behind you

We have extensive experience over many years in provision and support of software systems in retail and wholesale business, from small operations to majors, in Ireland and overseas.

We have worked in your market for many years. Our knowledge of the market and our research into market developments provides us with insights into how your business operates and how it is likely to operate in five years from now.

The comfort of the right decision

The harmony of TradeRight with the nature and operation and management of the business means that the system is the business.

Decisions for change to the business are accommodated in the system. It is versatile and can be used to implement actions. Whatever aspect of the business that needs managing, the system provides a way to get better results.

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Benefits of TradeRight

We offer the definitive software system to optimise efficiency and profitability. TradeRight drives the business to greater sales and profits.

All of the key operational activities are covered in TradeRight. This represents all of the 30 or so events in the day to day operation of a store. In TradeRight these activities are enhanced to greatly increase the information available, to increase the efficiency of the store, and to bring about an attractive customer experience in dealing with the store.

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase Trading Profits
  • Killer Customer Service
  • Optimised Business Procedures

The system increases the profitability through the in-depth information into how the enterprise can increase in business and in profit. TradeRight has unique features in each key area of the business to maximise return to the business. The TradeRight system provides support to the manager to maximise the business return, both through reports that give clarity to the performance of the business, and ‘what if’ type functions that provide tactical means of bringing about improvements to this return. While all the key operational activities are covered in TradeRight these are enhanced to greatly increase the information available, to increase the efficiency of the business, and to bring about an attractive customer experience.

What our customers say

The TradeRight software is great. The support is second to none.
The last program I used was a nightmare.

Kevin McNamara, Propriertor,
Doon Hardware
One of the many benefits we have found since changing over to Traderight recently is that a problem isn’t really a problem!
Niamh, Office Manager,
Central Key Co.

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