The TradeRight system provides support to management to maximise the business return. TradeRight operation is geared to provide major improvements in operational cost savings, stocking levels, profit margins, sales revenue levels and cash flow.

As the definitive software system to optimise efficiency and profitability for hard goods retail and wholesale enterprises, the system has many hundreds of individual functions from which a tailored operation is derived for the individual business.

The best way to manage and improve the business is to measure it. TradeRight has many simple functions and measures to support management. While it has over 300 reports across the business, it is best to work with a small number and to rely on graph representations and on business alerts for most effective and efficient and timely management of the business.

Reporting gives clarity to the performance of the business. It also includes ‘what if’ type functions that provides tactical means of bringing about improvements to the profit return of the business.

Alerts are triggers for action in the business. It will highlight a problem area or an opportunity and from this insight will prompt changes to bring about improvements.  Graphs provide a picture of an aspect of the business at a point in time. It will show how the business is faring, some projects and trends for understanding and for management changes.