TradeRight Merchant Software

Traderight, integrated software for the specialist merchant.

Traderight is a combination of 100’s of integrated software programs that can be easily customised by you so that your business can operate the way you want. If you buy something, and you sell someting, then this is for you.

  • Treat your customers to service excellence

  • Harmonise your workflows

  • Empower your workforce

  • and make more money…

Managing the business

Measure your goals!

Spread the load. Whether you are buying or selling or measuring the
performance of just about anything…

  • Rebates
  • Commissions
  • Promotions
  • and other specials

Measure your Business

At a glance, see the value of any customer.


Make appointments, arrange meetings, create reminders, allocate resources. Manage all contact with your customer.


Compare performance over any period of time.


Attach or scan any type of document against any customer, suppliers and products.


Full account visibility

Complete customisation


Complete customisation

Why Choose TradeRight

We pride ourselves in producing software that fits around our users thought patterns when they are engaging in a typical business process. Traderight works on all windows platforms from Vista versions upwards.

  • The right tools are there when you need them

  • Creative, simple and powerful

  • Responsive in realtime

  • Essiential part of any organisation
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