New ways of doing business are accommodated in the system. It is versatile and can be used to implement actions. For example in sales TradeRight has 9 ways to improve profit margins, 24 options for pricing, and 39 ways to impress the customer.

Some of the enhanced features that provide for greater efficiencies and cost savings and greater staff satisfaction are:

The diary system can be used to show staff allocation to activities. It can show events where there is contact with customers and suppliers. It results in a more managed operation.

The customised screen painting makes use of the system attractive to staff and easier to use and therefore more effective for the business.

The user profiling provides for allocating system activities to fit in to the job role. It greatly increases the efficiency of use of the system and of the work environment.

Document management reduces the need to store documents and greatly improves access to documents. It’s particularly useful for documents signed of or commented.

Phone contact is activated, with the low cost Skype operation, and is a useful aid for activities such as telephone selling and debt collection.

Video system sets down how to do business in an efficient manner with the aid of the TradeRight system.

Debt collection enables the use of the system as an online work planning and log book of contacts to ensure a more effective collection of customer debt.