The use of TradeRight is not just to record the events in the operation of the business. It is a special experience. It leads you to a greater understanding of your business and its potential for greater success.

The knowledge base built into TradeRight represents twenty years of working with retail and wholesale operations. While TradeRight was built in for the Irish and UK market, it also is influenced by the American way of doing business.

The service can identify the questions to be asked and to be addressed in the successful management of the business, some more basic:

  • How could you identify where you are making the best profits (a problem even for the largest companies)
  • Do you know where losses are most (are any of these lost leaders)
  • Do you know how products are grouped in customer buying (are there bundling and special offer and seasonal trends here)
  • Do you have the information to negotiate a better deal with a supplier (profit margin issues, joint promotion, different call offs)
  • Do you know which stocks should be cleared and how best to do so (seasonal stocks, other sales patterns, how grouped, who buys, what deals)
  • Do you know which customers generate the most sales, and especially the most profit contribution (are non credit customers records held, can key customers be typed, could they buy more)
  • Do you know in a timely way when there is a changing pattern of buying by key customers (have they switched to buying other stocks, are these alternatives, are they buying elsewhere).

There are many other questions that might be asked where action can be taken to contribute to a more profitable business.

Use of TradeRight and the support service associated with its use helps to highlight the key questions and to answer those questions in a manner that facilitates effective action to greatly improving the success of the business.

Our knowledge of the market and our research into market developments provides us with insights into how your business operates and how it is likely to operate in five years from now.